Programming Protips

Small posts meant to document the solutions to problems I've encountered while writing code and deploying apps.

Everything that went wrong when deploying my Node + Hapi app to Microsoft Azure

A couple of weeks ago I switched this website over from C# + ASP.NET to Node + Hapi + TypeScript + React. Deploying this site to Azure was an absolute nightmare. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. What follows is a monument to the complete frustration and rage that I felt over the nearly 3 hours it took to debug Azure's deployment process and get this website working

Debugging a Windows 8.1 HTML/JS app on Windows 10

Trying to debug a Windows 8.1 WinJS app on the Windows 10 tech preview? You're probably getting the 'Application is not currently attached to a script debug target that supports script diagnostics' error. Here's how to fix it.