The Shopify Development Handbook

A premium course for building rock-solid Shopify apps with C# and ASP.NET.

Don't let the sheer size and scope of Shopify's API intimidate you. Over 175,000 businesses are using Shopify as their eCommerce provider, and every one of them is hungry for a great app that can help them manage their orders, bring in new customers, integrate with other parties or just plain make more money.

Whether you're building a private app for your client — or you've got a great idea and want to get it in front of 175,000 merchants by listing it on the Shopify app store — this premium course will walk you through everything there is to know about building rock-solid Shopify apps using C# and ASP.NET.

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Building an app or integration for the Shopify store is hard work. There are a ton of things you need to keep in mind when stitching together all of the API calls, redirect URLs and app settings that you'll need to use.

You're going to be asking yourself all of these questions when you try to build an app for the Shopify store:

  • How can I charge my users when they use my app?
  • What in the world is an embedded app?
  • How should I be using Shopify's redirect URLs?
  • When should I be using a proxy page?
  • Am I dealing with webhooks the right way?
  • How can I let my user's actual customers interact with the app?
  • Can I add custom scripts to their website, and what can those scripts even do?
  • How the heck do I go about testing my app?

It's difficult to find blog posts or tutorials about building Shopify apps, and downright impossible if you're trying to build them with C# and ASP.NET. Shopify's own partner blog puts a huge focus on designing themes over building real, functional apps, and their API docs are only go so far if you don't know what you're looking for.

The Shopify Development Handbook is a premium educational course that distills the experience of building Shopify applications and integrations into one concise and comprehensive course.

The lesson plan.

From the first lesson to the last, the Shopify Development Handbook is jam-packed with actionable advice and real code for building Shopify apps with C# and ASP.NET:

  • Setting up and testing your Shopify app guides you through the process of creating a new public or private application for Shopify, and the differences between them.
  • Shopify Billing vs Stripe will help you decide which billing system you should be using in your Shopify app.
  • Account models and security walks you through securing your application, ensuring only users who have connected their store and subscribed to your app can access certain pages.
  • The AppUninstalled webhook shows you how to set up Shopify's most important webhook, and goes over best practices for all Shopify webhooks.
  • Script tags, liquid templates and the Asset API teaches you about the advantages and drawbacks of Shopify's script tags, how to use liquid template variables, and the Asset API.
  • Embedded apps will guide you through the murky depths of embedding your new app directly into the user's Shopify dashboard.
  • Proxy Pages helps you render certain pages of your website as a page of the merchant's storefront, where their customers and visitors can interact with it.
  • API rate limits shows you the best way to handle Shopify's API rate limits and burst limits, without throwing a ton of exceptions and breaking your app.

Then we'll tie all of that knowledge together by building five production-ready Shopify applications that you can use as a basis for launching to the Shopify app store:

  • Project AuntieDot serves as the base project for all other apps. We'll sign users up, connect their Shopify store, subscribe them to a monthly charge, and listen for the AppUninstalled webhook.
  • Project AuntiERP will show you how to build a simple order management system where the user can import, review, open, close and fulfill their store's orders. We use the OrderCreated and OrderUpdated webhooks to automatically import new orders as they're placed.
  • Project AuntieCoupon shows you how to use the Script Tag API to load a custom Email Capture widget on your users' storefronts. Then, we exchange that email address for a unique discount code created with Shopify's Price Rule and Discount Code APIs.
  • Project AuntieQuizcount helps you embed your app directly inside the merchant's Shopify admin dashboard. We build a project that lets users create quizzes which render on their storefronts as native pages using the Proxy Page feature, letting you execute Razor views on a Shopify store page.
  • Project AuntiePolaris goes in an even more advanced direction by bringing in TypeScript, React, and Shopify's Polaris framework to create a Single Page Application. It uses modern browser APIs like fetch to replace the default ASP.NET Razor views with Polaris's React components.

So what's in the package?

The Shopify Development Handbook includes all of the lessons above in PDF format.

You'll also get all five of the sample Shopify apps in a Visual Studio solution, along with free updates to the entire course and sample applications for life.

Meet the author.

Joshua Harms

Hey, my name's Josh Harms. I run a Shopify app consultancy called Nozzlegear Software. I've built and grown my own Shopify app called Stages, which is an order management and automation tool for manufacturing businesses.

I spend a lot of my spare time developing ShopifySharp the #1 Shopify client library for .NET and C#. When I'm not consulting, growing Stages or working on ShopifySharp, I'm busy writing blog posts and recording video tutorials to help developers like you learn to build apps for the Shopify app store.