Programming Protips

Small posts meant to document the solutions to problems I've encountered while writing code and deploying apps.

Everything that went wrong when deploying my Node + Hapi app to Microsoft Azure

A couple of weeks ago I switched this website over from C# + ASP.NET to Node + Hapi + TypeScript + React. Deploying this site to Azure was an absolute nightmare. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. What follows is a monument to the complete frustration and rage that I felt over the nearly 3 hours it took to debug Azure's deployment process and get this website working

Debugging a Windows 8.1 HTML/JS app on Windows 10

Trying to debug a Windows 8.1 WinJS app on the Windows 10 tech preview? You're probably getting the 'Application is not currently attached to a script debug target that supports script diagnostics' error. Here's how to fix it.

Setting up a FedEx account to test shipping with EasyPost

If you're using EasyPost to send and track carrier shipments, you're going to need a shipping account to test it with. I've found FedEx to be one of the easiest carriers to use for testing, but setting up an account isn't quite as easy as it should be.

Resilient background tasks in Windows and Windows Phone

Setting up background timer tasks is a little harder than the official documentation makes it seem. You need to handle things like app updates, requesting background access and handling situations where the battery saver disables background tasks. In this post you'll learn how to prevent those things and build resilient background tasks for Windows and Windows Phone.