Programming Protips

Small posts meant to document the solutions to problems I've encountered while writing code and deploying apps.

Elmish's program.mkSimple versus program.mkProgram

Having spent over a year with F# and Fable at this point, I've avoided Elmish for the entire time, until recently. I found model-view-update architecture a little strange, but what really tripped me up was not understanding the difference between ELmish's program.mkSimple and program.mkProgram.

Quick tips for Dart

Despite a rocky start with Dart, I'm still really enjoying the language. When I get started with any new programming language I like to compile a "Quick Tips" document to help me get around common pitfalls and old manners of thinking. Usually I just leave them to rot in my OneNote app, but for Dart I'm publishing them here.

Quick thoughts on the Dart language.

Recently I tried out the Dart language by building a small OpenFaaS function. Sadly I've decided not to use Dart in production, and this quick post covers some of the reasons why.