Tutorials and essays for building Shopify applications with C#, ASP.NET, F#, .NET Core and more.

ShopifySharp Version 5 Migration Guide

Shopify has deprecated the first version of their API, necessitating a new major release of ShopifySharp. In this guide, I'll cover everything that's changed from v4 to v5, and some of the potential pitfalls you'll need to look out for.

How to get Shopify's Polaris to work with React routing packages

Polaris is an excellent frontend framework with very good documentation (unlike Shopify's API docs!), but there's one thing in particular they don't document very well: how to get working propertly with React routing packages like Navi or React Router.

Using JavaScript to manage a Shopify cart

JavaScript can be used to add items to a Shopify cart, remove items, update quantities, set both hidden and visible properties, and even set a note on the cart.