Tutorials and essays for building Shopify applications with C#, ASP.NET, F#, .NET Core and more.

Looking up a Shopify order by its name

One of the most common questions I get with ShopifySharp is "how do I find an order by its name using the Shopify API"? The order's ID and its name are two different and unrelated numbers, and ShopifySharp doesn't support any method to search for orders based on its name -- just its ID. In this post, you'll learn how you can extend ShopifySharp to search for orders by their name using the Shopify API.

ShopifySharp Version 4 Migration Guide

After more than a year of planning and work, ShopifySharp has finally been updated to version 4! There were a ton of improvements and lots of work that went into this release, and with those improvements came a bunch of breaking changes, too. This post should serve as a guide for converting your Shopify app to ShopifySharp version 4, allowing you to use .NET Core and .NET Standard!

The Developer's Guide to Shopify Script Tags.

Shopify's script tag API is one of their most powerful features, allowing developers to programatically inject their own custom JavaScript libraries and widgets to a Shopify store's website. Script tags will add that dynamic functionality and analytics that every merchant needs to grow their business.