About Nozzlegear Software

Hey, my name is Josh Harms. I'm a developer and Shopify app consultant specializing in C#, F#, ASP.NET, Node, TypeScript and React. I've worked as the lead web and software developer at an industrial printing manufacturer in northwest Iowa, where I designed, built and maintained critical internal tools and several eCommerce storefronts.

Joshua Harms

I'm the guy behind Stages , an order management and stage tracking app built for Shopify and designed specifically for manufacturing businesses. I've also written ShopifySharp , the most popular C# and .NET package for Shopify app development. Finally, I've written The Shopify Development Handbook , an over 200-page book that teaches .NET developers to build rock-solid Shopify apps with the C# programming language and .NET ecosystem.

I spend my time doing freelance web development and consulting for mid-to-large-sized businesses . I love working with C#, F#, .NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, Express, React, ASP.NET and Shopify. I'd love to help you get the functionality you need out of your web app, eCommerce storefront or Shopify store. If you're interested, head over here to get started , or shoot me an email at joshua@nozzlegear.com .

Note: If you're here because you have a charge on your credit card from "Nozzlegear Software" and you don't remember it, you or someone in your organization has probably purchased a subscription to Stages or one of my other applications or services. Send me an email at joshua@nozzlegear.com and I will take care of you personally.